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Enjoy the beauty of Red Sea with us

The Red sea has best places for diving and snorkeling in the world. But cost of travel is much cheaper than Seychelles or Great Barrier Reef. Until the majority of dive sites within easy reach, and they are protected from strong winds or currents. All of which makes them popular among those who have little experience or none.

The Red Sea is a rich and diverse ecosystem. More than 1200 species of fish have been recorded in the Red Sea, and around 10% of these are found nowhere else. This also includes 42 species of deepwater fish.

The rich diversity is in part due to the 2,000 km of coral reef extending along its coastline; these fishing reefs are 5000-7000 years old and are largely formed of stony acropora and porites corals.

The Red Sea - an inexpensive place where you can learn to dive in the open sea and get certificates PADI, BSAC or CMAS, which give the right to dive anywhere in the world.

The Red Sea resorts offer a variety of rest for every taste: from the quiet domestic happiness to extreme sports.

Meet the amazing underwater world of the Red Sea, that you can meet not far from the coast. If you'll go to the sea trip on a comfortable boat to the coral reef, you will see all amazing variety and beauty of the Red Sea. Snorkeling - a pleasant and exciting pastime that does not require special knowledge and skills that will delight not only adults but also children, and experienced snorkeling guide will make this trip safe.

Diving - the ability to be close to the life of the inhabitants of the coral reef and see the wrecks. Feel like a true explorer of the sea depths.

Freediving, kite surfing and much more ... You are sure to find something that is fun for you.

After all the vivid impressions of the day, enjoy views of the stunning beauty of the sunset, sitting in a cafe on the beach and listening to the sounds of the sea.