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Snorkeling is a practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving musk, a shaped tube called snorkel, and usually swimfins. In cooler waters, a wetsuit may also be worn. Use of this equipment allows the snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for extended periods of time with relatively little effort.
Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity, partycularly at tropical resort and scuba diving locations. The primary appeal is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment and training requested for scuba diving and it appeals to all ages because of how little comfort there is, and without the exhaled bubbles of scuba diving equipment.
Snorkeling is also employed by scuba divers when on the surface, and search and rescue teams may snorkel as part of a water-based search. It is also a means to an end in popular sports such as underwater hockey, underwater rygby and spearfishing.

Paradise (Giftun) Island

Do you want to see the paradise? Take a snorkeling trip to Giftun Island.
We’ll start trip in the morning about 8.30 a.m. with nice boat. You’ll take all equipment (mask, snorkel, fins) in aqua center (trip include equipment). Professional snorkeling guide, speaking Russian, English and Arabic languages, explain for you program, show how to use equipment and will help you whatever you need. Water and cola you’ll have for free.
You’ll have three different places for snorkeling. You’ll see different kinds of hard and soft corals, many kind of beautiful fishes, include Napoleon fish and Moreno. Maybe you’ll see turtle or manta. And snorkeling guide, of cause, will be swim with your group. Just when you’ll see by your eyes sea life, you understand how it’s amazing and beautiful. Sometimes from the boat you can see dolphins.
About 1.30 p.m. you’ll have lunch in the boat. After lunch you’ll go to the one of the beautiful place in the world – Giftun Island. You’ll enjoy to the beautiful big beach with white sand and crystal-clear blue water. You can swim, snorkeling or sit in the bar. Beautiful photos from this amazing place will remind you in your country about funny and interesting trip with us before next time.
About 4.30 p.m. we’ll back to the hotel.
We’ll be happy to show you paradise to the Earth.

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Dolphin House

Several years ago, the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC conducted a survey, "What would you like to try before you die?" In organized according to the rules survey polled 20,000 respondents. In the first place among the responses was "swim with the dolphins." And no wonder, because even just meeting with these amazing creatures leaves no one indifferent.
Reef Dolphin House, located near El Gouna, in summer it is home to a huge number of bottlenose dolphins.
Embark on a journey to meet with the dolphins, and at the same time enjoy the pictures of underwater life on coral reefs at the two time for snorkeling.
Never too late to realize a dream!

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El Guna

El Gouna, extending to the myriad of islands, which lie among the network of canals and of breathtaking beauty lagoons, like a little Venice, by some miracle turned out in the desert under the warm Egyptian sun. This wonderful place is not like other resorts of the country of pyramids.
After two stops for snorkeling on the coral reefs and lunch on the boat, you on the small boat with guide will go on a journey through the channels of this wonderful town. Visit the aquarium and sit in a cozy cafe. And then, after returning to the ship will be able to go fishing.
Do not miss the chance to dive into the European world under the warm Egyptian sun!

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Sharm El Naga

Unique National Park Sharm El Naga is located in the Gulf of Soma Bay. This bay is 40 km from Hurghada and has retained its original appearance. This beautiful coral giant, originating at the coast and the sea stretching into sea abyss.
We offer you to spend a wonderful day on a private beach where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea close to the shore.
You will have the unique opportunity to observe exotic fish, located right next to you, and this does not necessarily float, just log into the sea and through the amazing clear water you will see the stunningly beautiful inhabitants of the Red Sea.
Beach Sharm El Naga is closed from the wind, so that the tour will be comfortable in any season. Even the kids can watch the fish, which until then could only see in the pictures and the TV screen.

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The territory of the National Park includes a small island called Utopia, this island several times a year is hidden under the waters of the Red Sea.
A few years ago this island was not on any map. As if nature was trying to hide it from the human eye, plunging the island into the sea, then freeing it from the water. Once one of the divers took a break to rest on the sand. After he buried in the ground remains of coral and shells, he was surprised to find relief after a dive and energized. Thus began the story of a little island, that attract a lot of tourists now.
Although Utopia area just over a football field, you can always find a free place to burrow in the sand. Burrow in the sand almost everybody, some of them for the sake of some amusing photographs, others - to get rid of ailments.
Effect from sand similar to the effect of medical mud, but it is much softer. Thermal influence of the sand has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and the internal organs. Sand Utopia is unique, because with every dive under the water island surface like a sponge soaks up a great variety of minerals.
Coral Reef has long been attractive to tourists because of its unusual features, such as the water temperature is always above 5 degrees than in other regions. Warm water helps the growth of corals, affecting its beauty and diversity. A small depth help to see the fantastic landscapes of the sea floor.
During the tour comfortable yacht makes two stops for snorkeling, especially interesting stop beside "four towers". Here are four coral towers with astounding beauty and variety of underwater inhabitants arranged as a square.
After stopping for snorkeling boat with glass bottom will take you to the amazing island. There, if you wish you can also continue to explore the underwater world.

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Fishing trip

If you love the sea and fishing, that forcing the blood run faster - then a trip for you, a lover of fishing!
A huge number of fish in the Red Sea, from small to these giant, will provide an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the intrigue of expectations, adrenaline-hunting and the joy of the catch. You will be able to choose the most interesting way for you to catch fish from the simplest to the coil of fishing line and hook up trolling.
Do not miss the chance for one of the most exciting fishing adventures in your life!!!

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Glass boat

The Red Sea - a unique place on Earth. Due to the fact that any river does not fall into this sea , its waters are crystal clear, and explore the underwater world can be comfortable even on board the boat with transparent bottom. You can see the depths of the sea, hard and soft coral species and their inhabitants, without swim. A variety of types, shapes and colors of fish will strike your imagination.
In situations where swimming is not possible - is the ideal dating from the underwater world is not in the aquarium, but the natural environment.
Choose the option acquaintance with the beauty of Red Sea, which is most convenient to you!!!

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Private trip

If you like of individual VIP-service and wish to enjoy a sea holiday in a circle of close friends only, then choose to private sea trip.
You can take a trip to a half day or full day, depending on your desires.
The program will be the same as most, but with a one difference (!) ... To the boat will be just your close friends, relatives or acquaintances.
Any event in your life (birthday, engagement, wedding, all kinds of holidays) can be bright, memorable and unusual , if you rent private boat. Special menu, live entertainment, VIP-service will not leave anyone indifferent. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to celebrate the fabulously memorable date in your life or the lives of your loved ones.
You can rent a private boat and go on a romantic walk together. Surprises and a special menu can melt even the coldest heart.
Private trip offers huge scope for choice.
Enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea and the individual VIP-service, surrounded by your loved ones!!!

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